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    Quadralite VideoLED Bi-Color 1500
    Quadralite VideoLED Bi-Color 1500
    Quadralite VideoLED Bi-Color 1500
    Quadralite VideoLED Bi-Color 1500
    Quadralite VideoLED Bi-Color 1500

    Quadralite VideoLED Bi-Color 1500

    1.395,00 zł
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    Die Quadralite VideoLED 1500 Bi-Color ist eine leistungsstarke (150W) Studio-Dauerlichtlampe für den Einsatz in der Fotografie und beim Film.

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    Quadralite VideoLED 1500 Bi-Color is a studio continuous light lamp with high power (150W), which is designed for use in both photography and film. It has the ability to adjust the color temperature, in the range of 3200K to 5600K. Bowens mount allows you to use a wide range of available light modifiers.

    The VideoLED 1500 Bi-color lamp is characterized by a high color reproduction rate (Ra≥95). It has a built-in silent cooling fan, so it can be used for video recordings, without interfering the sound recording process. Due to the low operating temperature, it is widely used with all types of accessories without any restrictions used in photographic studios, such as streamers, gates, bowls, softboxes or umbrellas. At the same time, the lamp remains very efficient, compared to a halogen lamp of the same brightness, it absorbs a very small amount of energy. The life of the LEDs used in the lamp reaches up to 50,000 hours, which is the equivalent of 5.5 years of uninterrupted operation.

    Unlike lamps from other manufacturers, VideoLED 1500 Bicolor, thanks to the use of a new type of LED chips, achieves a higher light intensity than its standard version. This will allow You to work in more difficult lighting conditions, and also expands the possibilities of its use.

    Lamp is designed especially for studio applications. It is an ideal starting point for people working with artificial lighting on a photographic and film set. Working with the VideoLED 1500 Bi-color lamp is very simple and intuitive, allowing the user to quickly implement familiar lighting techniques. The Bi-color version of the VideoLED 1500 lamp is its extension with the ability to adjust the color temperature of the lamp light (3200K-5600K), allowing you to adapt to the existing lighting conditions, as well as full color control of the built scene and creative use of its capabilities. This gives a chance for its very wide possibilities of application.

    Key features of the product:

    • LED with a power of 150W,
    • high colour rendering index Ra≥95,
    • possibility of adjusting the color temperature in the range of 3200-5600K,
    • smooth brightness adjustment in the range of 10- 100%,
    • built-in silent cooling fan,
    • Bowens accessories mounting,
    • solid metal housing,

    What we will find in the set:

    • Quadralite VideoLED 1500 Bi-color light,
    • power cord,
    • manual,
    • burner lid,
    • reflector 18 cm.

    Quadralite VideoLED Bi-Color 1500

    1.395,00 zł
    IVA inclusa