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Professional Studio Flash Fomex HD 400Ws

Fomex HD series has been designed for the professional photographers seeking for the highest quality equipment. Fomex HD flashes are crucial element of this professional series.

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Kraków ul.Bonarka 11 tel 12 357-66-05
Sprzęt studyjny - Lampy - kategoria Flash
Size (mm) 357mm x 140mm x 220mm
Weight (kg) 2,8kg
Power in Ws 400Ws
Power supply AC200 - 240V/50Hz
Maximum charging time (seconds) 0,1-1s
Regulacja mocy F4,0 – F32 (6 przesłon)
Triggering przycisk "test", fotocela, jack 6,35mm
Maksymalny czas synchronizacji x-sync
Modeling light 650W, regulacja płynna, niezależna

Professional Studio Flash Fomex HD 400Ws

Fomex HD has been designed and made of the highest-quality components. Over 90% of electronic circuits as well as flash capacitors have been produced in Japan. Housing has been made of hardened aluminum improving durability and cooling of the flash and reducing its weight. Fomex HD flashes are equipped with powerful, 650W modeling light-bulb produced by Osram company. Thanks to this solution, lamps may be also used as a source of continuous light and facilitate your work under different lighting conditions. It is needless to say that the flash is perfectly prepared to work in high temperatures generated by the light-bulb. The flashes have been also equipped with highly efficient light-bulb ventilation system. Due to high working temperatures, we strongly recommend to use dedicated Fomex softboxes. They are resistant to high working temperatures. Photographers who do not want to use powerful modeling light-bulbs may easily take advantage of standard Quantuum softboxes. Traditional control panel facilitates your work. Individual adjustment of the light-bulb power is ensured by additional potentiometer. Changing positions of the flash is easy now, thanks to the big, comfortable handle. Mounting the flash onto a tripod or pantograph is facilitated by horizontal adjustment system, which allows to level the flash with adapters of different weight. Big and comfortable handle make maneuvering the flash easy. Mount is solid enough to bear the flash even with heavy adapters or when it is placed upside-down, as a result our flashes may be mounted on pantographs or other ceiling systems.The flashes provide a possibility to mount special, ceramic pyrex dome with UV filter. Although the dome is not included in the standard set, we recommend to use it. Main features:

  • smooth power adjustment: 1/64 - 1/1
  • stable color temperature of 5500K
  • components and materials of highest quality
  • light aluminium housing
  • modeling light-bulb 650W
  • highly efficient cooling system
  • horizontal adjustmen of tripod mount allowing to balance the flash
  • Bowens mount
  • possibility to use pyrex dome with UV filter

In the box:

  • Fomex HD 400Ws
  • plastic flash tube cover
  • power cable
  • synch cable
  • modelling bulb 650W
  • manual
  • original packaging

Consumer warranty:

  • 2 years