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Powerbank MP-10000

Universal rechargeable battery for charging compact cameras, phones and other electronic devices.

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Powerbank MP-10000

Universal battery with a capacity of up to 2399mAh. It has many adapters for connectors of popular cell phones or compact cameras. It also has a USB output and a charging voltage switch between 9 and 12V. The sold set includes:

  • Powerbank
  • power supply
  • USB power plug for Play Station Portable console
  • USB power plug for Nokia N70
  • power plug from USB to micro USB
  • USB power plug for Samsung G600
  • USB power plug for Samsung D800
  • USB power plug to Au input
  • power plug from USB to mini USB
  • USB power plug for Nintendo DS console
  • USB power plug for LG kg800 phone
  • USB power plug for iPod
  • USB plug-in power supply for Sony Ericsson (K750, W910i and others)
  • power plug USB to Forma connector
  • retractable USB cable with output for the above plugs
  • power cable DC connector
  • set of six plugs of different types of DC connector
  • original package