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MeiKe battery pack for Nikon D5000

Meike MB-D5000 is the highest quality battery pack for Nikon D5000.

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For cameras Nikon
Model MeiKe

The battery pack is equipped with a two-position shutter. For its proper operation it is necessary to connect a special cable to the drain hose socket on the camera. Thanks to this, light pressure allows you to focus and pressing the trigger fully releases the shutter - just like in the camera itself. People who do not use the vertical trigger do not need to use a cable, the devices will then work like a normal battery holder / container. After using the Meike MB-D5000 Battery Pack, the camera can be powered from one or two En-EL9a or En-EL9e batteries. Using two batteries, you can combine cells from different manufacturers and with different capacities. The camera will then draw power first from one battery and then from the other. The shape and design of the device have been selected so as to ensure the greatest comfort during shooting in both the horizontal and vertical arrangement. The handle is covered with a special rubber material, which ensures a comfortable and very secure grip. In its bottom part there is also a thread for mounting the camera on a tripod. The battery pack allows you to hold the camera better, improves the ease of use when taking photos in a vertical arrangement, and allows you to increase the number of photos that can be taken with one set of batteries.

The set contains:

  • battery pack MeiKe for Nikon D5000
  • cable
  • original packaging

Consumer Warranty:

  • 2 years