Pixel TD-384 battery pack for Sony flash lamps

Pixel battery pack for journalistic flash lamps that reduces charging time.

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Battery pack Pixel TD-384 is a device designed for additional power supply for external flash units. Thanks to its application, you can significantly increase the number of photos that can be taken in one "series". In addition, it allows much faster charging of the lamp capacitors. This is especially useful for all types of journalistic and sports photography. Battery pack Pixel can be powered by 4 or 8 AA batteries. It should be emphasized that the flash itself must also be powered, and the battery pack only provides "recharging". It is recommended to use the same type of cells in both the lamp and battery pack. When the device is charging the lamp, the red LED lights up indicating that the capacitors are working. NOTE: there should be no more than 15 flashes in one series. Otherwise, the flash may overheat and damage. After each long series of flashes, allow the lamp time to cool down the torch.

Compatible lamps: Sony HVL-F56AM.

Main features:

  • shortens lamp charging time
  • allows you to make longer series of flashes
  • extends lamp life before having to change batteries again

The kit includes:

  • battery pack Pixel TD-384
  • knob with thread to attach the battery pack to the camera
  • case
  • original packaging

Consumer Guarantee:

  • 2 years