EverActive NC-1000 PLUS professional NiMH battery charger

everActive AA or AAA battery charger.

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The charger is used for charging 1-4 items. R03 AAA / R6 AA batteries made in Ni-MH and Ni-Cd technology. Perfect for new generation cells like Eneloop or Ready2Use.

NC-1000 PLUS is a new, refreshed version of the ever-valued everActive charger. The design has been further refined, strengthening its high position in the professional loader segment. The changes additionally increase the possibilities and scope of application: even easier to use for less experienced users, improved charging of cells with increased internal resistance, improved charging of "Ready to Use" (LSD) batteries, modified discharge mode allowing checking and remembering the capacity of any cell 1.2 -1.6V - including alkaline and Ni-Zn cells (similar in operation as in the most expensive MH-C9000 and NC-3000).

The set contains:

  • EverActive NC-1000 Plus charger
  • original packaging


  • 2 years