Cokin Z164 size L (Z-PRO series) polarizing filter
      Cokin Z164 size L (Z-PRO series) polarizing filter

      Cokin Z164 size L (Z-PRO series) polarizing filter

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      The Cokin Z164 filter is a polarizing filter recommended for full-frame and APS-C SLR cameras with wide-angle lenses.

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      Polarizing filters significantly improve the contrast and color saturation of photographed objects. Thanks to them we get very juicy greens and e.g. intense flower colors. Some objects, which when viewed with the naked eye, appear dull and pale, after applying a polarizing filter become vivid and delight with colors. Regardless of the weather, the polarizing filter eliminates completely or completely the reflection of light from non-metallic surfaces such as water or glass. On a sunny day - especially in the morning or evening - when the polarizing filter is used when the right angle between the shooting axis and the sun, the sky will be darkened intensely, and the clouds highlighted. This is one of the basic advantages of using polarizing filters and also the most commonly used. The intensity of the polarizing filter is adjusted by turning the ring on the front of the filter and thus changing the polarization plane. The filter limits the amount of light entering the lens to 1⅔ iris (1⅔EV). Z-PRO filters and accessories are designed for professionals and amateur photographers seeking the highest quality products without compromising on quality. This system provides much greater configuration options due to the possibility of modifying the holder depending on the needs. The picture shows the structure of the holder, each of its elements can be freely moved or removed. Thanks to this, there is no danger of vignetting filters at small focal lengths. Z-PRO system filters are 100mm wide, so they can be used on lenses with a diameter of up to 96mm. The length of the gradient filters is 150mm while the full filters are 100mm. Cokin filters are mounted with a holder (holder), which is attached to replaceable mounting adapters, with diameters that can be adapted to your lens.

      Basic features:

      • suitable for Cokin L system (size Z-PRO)
      • light loss: 1⅔ aperture divisions
      • reference number in the Cokin system: 164

      The kit sold includes:

      • Cokin Z164 filter
      • original packaging

      Seller warranty:

      • 2 years

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      Z-PRO Series
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      size L

      Cokin Z164
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      Cokin Z164 size L (Z-PRO series) polarizing filter

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