Digital King filter set UV CPL ND8 Macro 77mm
      Digital King filter set UV CPL ND8 Macro 77mm

      Digital King filter set UV CPL ND8 Macro 77mm

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      Essential Digital Camera Filter Kit is a set of filters:UV, CPL, ND8, MACRO.

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      Description of the filters:

      • UV filter:

      The UV filter does not cause loss of light or gives any color changes, absorbs ultraviolet rays so that the images are clearer, especially at high altitudes where the foggy views become more transparent. Due to their neutral properties and affordable price, UV filters are used primarily to protect the lens against mechanical damage or dirt. The filter, unlike the cheapest HOYA or HAMA filters, is covered with an anti-reflective layer.

      • Polarizing filter:

      The polarizing filter allows you to remove reflections from non-metallic surfaces from water, glass, etc. It also increases the intensity of colors, making the shots cleaner and more contrasting, which allows you to darken the sky and highlight white clouds on its background. Finally, on your shots the sky will be blue, not white.

      • ND8 filter:

      First of all, this type of filter extends the exposure time. It allows a larger opening of the iris at the same time, so you can more clearly isolate the object from the background. It also allows longer exposure times to help capture the effect of movement. Filters of this type are most often used when photographing streams, waterfalls, etc. To enhance the effect, ND filters are often used together with a polarizing filter.

      • Macro lens +4 diopter:

      It increases the lens reproduction scale by reducing its focal length. The focusing capability of the attachment lenses is expressed in diopters: +1, +2, +3 ... The higher the value, the greater the focusing ability. What reproduction scale can we get with a lens? The greater, the greater its focusing ability and the greater the focal length of the lens used. At 100 mm focal length and +4 diopter lens we get a scale of 1: 2.5 - this is enough for photographing flowers or butterflies. The object distance is about 25cm. The use of a 200mm lens in combination with this lens gives a scale of 1: 1.25, with practically the same object distance.

      Set contains:

      • digital King uv filter
      • digital King polarizing filter
      • ND8 Digital King filter
      • macro lens +4 diopter
      • filter case
      • original packaging

      Seller warranty:

      • 2 years
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      Digital King filter set UV CPL ND8 Macro 77mm

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