Quadralite Atlas FH1200 Remote Flash Head

Flash head that allows the energy of two Atlas 600 or Atlas 600 TTL lamp bodies to fuse and achieve a total power of 1200 Ws.

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Atlas FH1200 is equipped with a Bowens modifier mount and can be used together with various accessories, e.g. softboxes, bowls or umbrellas. To use the flash energy of 1200 Ws, you must have not only the head but also two Atlas 600 lamps and an Atlas FT1200 flash burner (these products are available separately).

The head works well when an extremely strong source of light is needed outdoors. In addition, it facilitates work with outriggers and booms thanks to the fact that the cable has a total length of almost 2.5 meters.

Product features:

  • compatible with Quadralite Atlas 600 and Atlas 600 TTL lamp
  • can be used with many light modifiers (maximum load capacity is 2 kg)
  • equipped with the ability to adjust the angle of inclination (180 °)
  • built-in 10W LED pilot light
  • equipped with Bowens mount
  • equipped with umbrella attachment

Set contains:

  • Quadralite Atlas FH1200 flash head
  • wiring
  • original packaging


  • 2 years