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    Godox LDX50Bi Bicolor LED Panel Light
    Godox LDX50Bi Bicolor LED Panel Light

    Godox LDX50Bi Bicolor LED Panel Light

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    The Godox LDX50Bi LED Panel is a compact device measuring 36 x 30 cm, with the ability to precisely adjust the light output and color temperature from 2800 to 6500K. The brightness can be adjusted from 0 to 100% across the entire CCT range, ensuring high color rendering indices CRI/TLCI at 96.

    LDX50Bi Panels can be controlled via the Godox Light app:

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    Godox LDX50Bi LED Panel Bi-color

    Durable and Silent

    Specially designed metal construction on the back increases the heat dissipation area, allowing the panels to achieve efficient heat dissipation without the need for fans. This design effectively eliminates noise during recording. Furthermore, the sturdy metal material enhances the lights' durability, allowing for long-term usage.

    Godox LDX50Bi LED Panel Bi-color

    Easy Operation

    To expedite work on set, the Bi-color version has been pre-configured and offers quick selection of five commonly used color temperatures. Simply press the CCT/FN dial to switch to sunlight at 5600 K, golden hour at 3200 K, and more.

    Godox LDX100Bi LED Panel Bi-color


    The panel features a convenient preset function, allowing you to save and recall various parameters such as brightness and color temperature. This function enables swift recall of parameters typically used in different scenes. By reducing the need for manual adjustments each time, it saves your time and increases efficiency.

    Godox LDX50Bi LED Panel Bi-color

    Flexible Power Options

    The panel offers various power supply options: two NP-F batteries (not included) and via the included power adapter. Whether you prefer to go outdoors and be mobile or record for hours in the studio, the LDX panel will be an excellent choice.

    Godox LDX50Bi LED Panel Bi-color

    Full Control

    The panels offer various control options: manual on-panel control and the Godox Light app. Adjust brightness, color temperature, and other parameters without needing to approach the device. Effortless control saves time and improves efficiency.

    Godox LDX50Bi LED Panel Bi-color

    Included in the set:

    • Godox LDX50Bi,
    • diffusion panel,
    • steel wire,
    • power adapter mount,
    • portable bag,
    • power adapter.

    Godox LDX50Bi Bicolor LED Panel Light

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