Viltrox adapter 0,71x EF-FX2 Canon EF - Fuji X AF

The Viltrox EF-FX2 is an adapter designed for Fuji X-mount cameras for mounting EF-mount lenses. The adapter transfers full information between the body and the lens.

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Mount Fuji X
Model EF-FX2

Fast and reliable autofocus

The Viltrox adapter is equipped with the contacts necessary for communication between the camera and the lens. It supports auto-focus, EXIF ​​data and lens image stabilization. The micro-USB connector will allow you to self-update the software. 
The adapter has an unprecedented speed of focusing, practically not inferior to system lenses *. This is a new standard among bayonet adapters.

Solid construction

The adapter design is made entirely of aluminum and stainless steel, making it resistant to damage and guaranteeing stability during operation. The interior is made of black, matte plastic, preventing light reflections. 
The removable tripod foot with 1/4 "thread is helpful when working with large and heavy optics. You can easily attach a quick connector or a tripod to it. If necessary, you can also quickly detach it with a convenient knob.

Set contains:

  • Viltrox adapter 0.71x EF-FX2 Canon EF - Fuji X AF
  • original packaging

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  • 2 years