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Tokina AT-X 10-17 DX Fisheye lens for Nikon

The Tokina AT-X 107 DX is a fish-eye lens that gives the digital photographer an approximate 180° field of view with dramatic curvature of field or "fish-eye" effect.

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Kraków ul.Bonarka 11 tel 12 357-66-05
Focal length 10-17 mm
Filter diameter none
Mount Nikon F
Type fisheye
Sensor size crop
Lens composition 10 elementów w 8 grupach
Minimum focusing distance 0,14m
Focus type Autofocus
Zoom ratio 1:2,56
Minimum aperture 22
Maximum aperture f/2.8
Aperture blades 6
Size (mm) 69.85 x 70.88
Weight (kg) 0.35
Focal lenght type zoom
Stabilization no
Application photo

With this lens an entire view or vista can be captured, wider than the human eye can see. The AT-X 107 opens an entirely new dimension of photography. Unlike other fish-lenses, the AT-X 107 DX gives a full corner-to-corner image. The front element of the AT-X 107 DX has a newly formulated WR or "Water Repellent" optical coating on the glass.

This new coating makes marks such as spots left by water or finger-prints much easier to clean than standard multi-coating. The rear optical group of the lens contains 1 SD (Super-Low Dispersion) glass element to reduce the number of elements (pieces of glass) in the optical design in order to make the lens more compact, light-weight and faster focusing.

Main features:
  • lens for use with APS-C image sensors
  • angle of view up to 180° degrees
  • Mounts to Canon EF, Nikon F
  • water repellent coating on the front lens
In the box:
  • Tokina AT-X 107 DX
  • lens caps
  • original packaging