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    Irix Cine lens 65mm T1.5 for PL-mount Imperial
    Irix Cine lens 65mm T1.5 for PL-mount Imperial
    Irix Cine lens 65mm T1.5 for PL-mount Imperial
    Irix Cine lens 65mm T1.5 for PL-mount Imperial

    Irix Cine lens 65mm T1.5 for PL-mount Imperial

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    A short telephoto cine lens, like the Irix 65mm, is essential for filmmakers, excelling in cinematic portraits, narrative filmmaking, and documentary work. It also enables filmmakers to achieve cinematic looks even in challenging lighting environments.

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    New Irix Cine 65 mm T1.5

    Irix Cine 65mm T1.5 is a lens for filmmakers seeking unparalleled precision and versatility in telling visual stories.

    Irix 65mm T1.5 Cine lens is made for:

    • Cinematic Portraits: Short telephoto cine lenses excel at shallow depth of field for cinematic portraits, maintaining sharp focus on subjects for intimate character studies.
    • Narrative Filmmaking: Ideal for conveying emotion, intimacy, or tension between characters in medium shots and close-ups, drawing viewers' attention to focal points.
    • Documentary Filmmaking: Valuable for maintaining intimacy in capturing subjects from a moderate distance, suitable for interviews, observational shots, and capturing details without intrusion.
    • Cinematic Compression: Creatively intensifies scene depth and dynamics by slightly compressing perspective, enhancing visual storytelling.
    • Low-Light Situations: Wide apertures in short telephoto cine lenses enable cinematic looks even in challenging lighting conditions.
    • Commercial and Music Video Production: Enhances storytelling and aesthetics in production by capturing stylized shots with cinematic quality.

    Functionality and innovation

    All Irix film lenses have very similar dimensions and weight, which allow for quick and easy lens changes without the need to change the rest of your setup. The product is equipped with a Magnetic Mounting System (MMS), which allows you to connect accessories such as magnetic filters from the Irix Edge line up.

    (Irix) CINE Standard

    IIrix Cine 65mm was designed in accordance with the standards of the professional film industry, being the result of a combination of traditional lens solutions and modern innovation. Irix Cine 65mm has a front filter thread size of 95mm and geared Mod 0.8 M rings, which ensure compatibility with most accessories available on the market.

    Irix is a young brand, but thanks to the fifth lens in its lineup, it’s closing the set covering most of the common focal lengths. All of our lenses are carefully tested, to meet the highest standards. And we don’t play around with them. We make sure, that all of our lenses are compatible. Starting from our neutrino coating, which provides the same color reproduction on each lens to the same weight and location of gears.

    Lightweight and compact design

    Irix cine 65mm T1.5 meets requirements of all filmmakers. No matter if you like to build professional setup or shoot with bare lens on stabilizer this lens is for you. Aluminium and magnesium alloy construction and housing weight only 1,2-1,4kg. Front external diameter 95mm for barndoor and accessories, filter thread 86mm, front MMS – Magnetic Mount System for rapid filters are just a small part of multifunctional design.


    Modern optics guarantee outstanding image quality

    Creativity and passion lie in your individuality. Craft one-of-a-kind cinematic look that won’t be easily forgotten! Thanks to the perfectly refined optical system, your shots will come out with low level of distortions and aberrations. The internal focusing system of the lens guarantees incredible sharpness. 11 – blade iris provide beautiful bokeh and a very smooth adjustment between T1.5 and T16. With very low focus breathing and close to human field of view Irix 65mm Cine is a perfect lens for filming natural-looking scenes.

    Innovative adaptive ring

    The adaptive ring is an innovative function which you will love no matter if you are a pro or an amateur. The ring has been designed to keep the lens housing sleek and user-friendly when operated manually, but without any compromises when you want to use your favourite cine gear. Combining compatibility and usability that have never met before.


    Magnetic Mount System

    All of the Irix Cine lenses (except Irix 11mm T4.3 lens) have a Magnetic Mount System (MMS) that is compatible with Irix Edge MMS, Vari ND filters and Irix MMS Lens Hood. The Irix Edge magnetic filters have a unique threadless design, so you can be sure that everything staus clean&clrear ready for action! No more hesitate with dirty or dusty filter thread again.

    FThe MMS filter can be stacked together allows you to not only freely combine them but also saves a lot of space when stored. The MMS Lens Hood effectively protects the lens from unwanted light that can cause ghosting and flares. All of the Irix Edge Magnetic Mount System (MMS) filters are made of hardened optical glass (SR) which makes it extremely robust. The filters surfaces are covered with the multi-layer, anti-reflective coating with a special type nano-coating that makes it easy to clean.

    Irix and gimbals work great together

    All Irix has a similar weight, which makes swapping them on gimbal much easier. Additionally, focus gears help with any wireless follow focus. The weight of around 1kg works as a perfect counterweight to most mirrorless cameras, making balancing a breeze. We have tested it personally on many gimbals from most popular brands like Zhiyun or DJI and were very happy with how it all performed together.

    *Each camera has different weight distribution and size, some balance easier, others don’t. Tests were done on the Sony A7 series and Canon R series.

    Ready for any weather conditions

    Rain or shine. The rugged and durable construction of the Irix Cine 65mm guarantees that you can keep on working with whatever weather throws at you. The lens is resistant to rain, sand, and dust. So you can take it for your next adventure in a desert or jungle if your camera can handle those environments. Engraved markings on the lens have been filled with UV-reactive paint, thanks to which filming in difficult lighting conditions becomes much easier.


    Perfectly fits into the cine world

    Your comfort matters. To ease the use as much as possible, we made sure our Irix Cine 65mm is compatible with most follow focus systems, matte boxes, stabilizers and accessories available on the market. Furthermore, it comes with a detachable lens support foot – to provide stabilization and reduce the strain of the camera mount when in use with follow focus gears.


    Set includes:

    • Irix Cine 65mm lens,
    • front lens cap,
    • rear lens cap,
    • original packaging.

    Data sheet

    Focal length
    65 mm
    Filter diameter
    Arri PL
    Sensor size
    full frame
    Focus type
    Focal lenght type
    Transmit number

    Irix Cine lens 65mm T1.5 for PL-mount Imperial

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