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Fomex Cricket 200 200Ws studio flash

Fomex Cricket is a light and compact studio flash. Its main features include modern design, ease of use and high quality components. Its small size and relatively small weight make it extremely mobile, in additional to being user friendly and highly reliable.

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Kraków ul.Bonarka 11 tel 12 357-66-05
Series Cricket
Mount Cricket
Power in Ws 200
Power supply AC 100-240V 50/60Hz
Maximum charging time (seconds) 1.5
Regulacja mocy 1 - 1/64
Triggering test, synchro cable, optic
Power control smooth from the lamp level
Triggering options M / S1 / S2
Cooling active
Modeling light 60W
Display yes
Colour Temperature (K) 5500
Stable colour +/- 200K

Each flash is equipped with easily replaceable flash tube and 60W pearl krypton bulb which emits soft modelling light of ~2700K colour temperature. The intuitive control system of main parameters is based on two potentiometers placed in the top part of the casing, which allows stepless and independent control of modelling light intensity and flash power.

The remaining functions of the flash are controlled with five buttons responsible for: test flash, ready sound signal, photo cell on/off, modelling light on/off after flash is triggered, and power on/off. It should be emphasized that control buttons are illuminated which means that the flash is easy to use in the dark and the devise is more visually attractive. To retain the compact size Fomex Cricket flashes have specially designed - smaller than in the HD series - bayonet mount for light modelling accessories. The list of supported modifiers includes for example three sizes of reflectors (13cm, 16cm, and 18cm), honeycomb grids of several density degrees, barndoor with colour filters, spot with zoom function, and a wide range of rectangular and octagonal softboxes.

Key features:

  • krypton modelling bulb
  • intuitive controls
  • illuminated buttons

The set contains:

  • Fomex Cricket
  • 60W/220V/E27 krypton modelling bulb
  • plastic flash tube cover
  • synch cable
  • power cable
  • manual
  • original packaging

Seller warranty:

  • 2 years (Flash tubes and bulbs are covered by a 3-month warranty)