Quadralite Pulse X 300
      Quadralite Pulse X 300
      Quadralite Pulse X 300
      Quadralite Pulse X 300
      Quadralite Pulse X 300
      Quadralite Pulse X 300

      Quadralite Pulse X 300

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      Quadralite Pulse X range of flashes is the best option to choose when you want to build a complete, reliable and efficient light set-up for your studio. Pulse X will help you to accomplish almost any assignment no matter if it’s a beauty, portrait or product shoot for advertisement or look-book. Pulse X stands out for it’s robust housing, consistent power output, wide range of power variants to choose from (300 - 1200Ws) and integrated Navigator X receiver for wireless control. All this makes it an ideal tool for any professional.

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      The Pulse X is equipped with a wide power output adjustment range of 5 f-stops (1/1 – 1/32) adjustable in 1/10th-stop increments which is quite unique in this price range. Besides this high level of precision, Pulse X is also fast and can recycle in less than 1,7s even when maximum power output is used. It can also reach very short flash duration of 1/2000s @1/32 of power (t=0.1).

      The Pulse X stands out for its flash consistency throughout the entire power output range. Whatever output level is set, the flash can be triggered with high accuracy (≤2% between continuous flashes at the same output level). Flash color temperature is balanced to fit daylight (5600K ±200K).

      Pulse X strobes are equipped with a built-in Navigator X wireless system receiver. This feature allows for full wireless control and triggering up to 100m. Pulse X can be controlled by other flashes (for example: Stroboss 60 or Stroboss 36 speedlites), or by Navigator X and X2 radio controllers up to the cameras x-sync speed in manual mode (TTL is not supported). Pulse X is also equipped with USB port where Navigator Kit receivers can be attached to use in the same setup with older Quantuum and Quadralite flashes. There is also a 3,5mm Jack ssync port for third party triggers.

      Rear panel is equipped with a large backlit LCD screen featuring high visibility at almost any angle. All flash status informations are presented there for user convenience even in bright ambient light. Flash power output can be adjusted by a knob located on the right side of LCD. There is also a set of five buttons delivering easy access to all flash features and functions such as wireless modes, sound signal, etc. Modeling light can be used in manual mode or set proportionately to flash power level.

      Pulse X housing is made from a light and durable aluminum alloy to protect all its internal components. The tripod mount is equipped with tilt action and is able to support even large and heavy light modifiers (up to 150cm in diameter). Tripod mount can also be moved to properly balance the flash with attached light modifier. Ergonomically designed and placed handle, ensures comfortable and easy operation when mounted on tripod.

      Pulse X flash is equipped with Bowens S-mount and can be used with a large variety of light modifiers supplied by Quadralite or other manufacturers. You can modify the light according to your needs thanks to a wide assortment of sofboxes, reflectors, beauty-dishes, snoots, umbrellas etc.

      Main features:

      • Flexible and accurate flash power adjustment within the range of 5 f-stops (5EV) in 50 steps (1/1 – 1/32) every 0.1 EV
      • Short flash duration of 1/2000s (t0.5, at 1/32 of power)
      • Small output variability, ≤2% between continuous flashes at the same output level
      • Colour temperature consistency through the entire output range (5600K±200K)
      • Short recycling times (1.5s at full power)
      • Integrated Quadralite Navigator X receiver for wireless control and triggering
      • Optical slave triggering and standard sync socket (Jack 3,5mm) for flash synchronization
      • Automatic power reduction while decreasing flash output
      • 150W halogen modeling light can be used in a proportional or manual mode
      • Active cooling (integrated fan)
      • Compatible with the Bowens type mount light modifiers
      • Solid and durable metal housing and tripod mount

      In the box:

      • Quadralite Pulse X flash
      • Quadralite 18cm reflector
      • Power cord
      • Sync cord
      • Glass flahtube cover Plastic protection cap
      • 150W E27 halogen bulb
      • original packaging

      Seller guarantee:

      • 2 years (Flash tubes and light bulbs consist 3 months warranty and batteries 6 months warranty)

      Data sheet

      PULSE X
      Dimensions in cm
      Weight (kg)
      Power in Ws
      Power supply
      AC 100-240V 50/60Hz
      Maximum charging time (seconds)
      Flash duration
      Regulacja mocy
      1 - 1/32
      test, radio, gn. sync 3.5mm, fotocela
      Power control
      smooth adjustment, system X
      Triggering options
      M / S1 / S2 / Slave
      Modeling light
      Colour Temperature (K)
      Stable colour
      +/- 200K

      Quadralite Pulse X 300

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