Adapter Cokin rozmiar S (Seria A) A452 52mm

Rings - adapters for the mounting thread located on the lens. Thanks to them it is possible to attach a filter holder. This is the basic component of the Cokin CREATIVE Filter System.

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Cokin system adapter. Connects the filter holder to the lens.

These rings allow us to attach the filter holder to the lens. First, check whether the lens - with which we want to use Cokin filters - has a thread to mount the adapter. Then specify the thread size - this information is most often given on the ring surrounding the front lens element.

Knowing the diameter of the thread, we can choose the right size of the adapter and then screw it in. If we have several lenses with different diameters, it is enough to adjust the adapter to a specific size. You don't have to buy filters of different sizes, just one filter.

Basic features:

  • suitable for Cokin SYSTEM

In the box:

  • Cokin adapter
  • original packaging


Thread diameter 52mm
Series P Series
Filter thread (mm) size S

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