Marumi DHG UV filter 72mm
      Marumi DHG UV filter 72mm

      Marumi DHG UV filter 72mm

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      Marumi DHG (Digital High Grade) UV filters minimize glow and flare. The ultra-thin frame allows you to take pictures without vignetting also with a wide-angle lens.

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      The highest quality two-thread circular UV filter from the Japanese company MARUMI. It absorbs ultraviolet radiation, which gives the pictures a bluish tint. Most effective when taking photos of objects that are far away from the camera.

      The necessary filter for shooting outdoors in sunny weather (e.g. in the mountains or by the sea) where photos taken without a UV filter are usually slightly blurred. The DHG (Digital High Grade) filters are characterized by the latest type of anti-reflective coatings made in ion technology.

      Another advantage of these filters is the blackened edge of the glass (leveling of internal reflections formed inside the glass), and the matte finish of the rings which prevents the formation of light reflections and minimizes reflections. It is worth emphasizing that these are a filter dedicated to cooperation with digital cameras. Due to their high quality, they work great with top-quality lenses, including wide-angle ones.

      Basic features:

      • filter thickness: 6.5mm
      • ionic anti-reflective coatings
      • blacked edge of the glass

      The kit sold includes:

      • Marumi DHG UV filter
      • original packaging

      Seller warranty:

      • 2 years

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      DHG UV 72mm
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      Marumi DHG UV filter 72mm

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