Delta UV-C 3W handheld sterilizer
      Delta UV-C 3W handheld sterilizer
      Delta UV-C 3W handheld sterilizer

      Delta UV-C 3W handheld sterilizer

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      Germicidal sterilizing Delta UV-C lamp is a portable device that kills viruses and bacteria.

      Among many UV lamps UV-C is the most effective.

      Using a UV-C lamp is the best way to get rid of bacteria, viruses and mold.

      The lamp is powered by batteries allowing for disinfection even in places without electricity.

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      UV-C is part of the sun's radiation that is normally almost completely absorbed by earth's atmosphere. Direct UV-C exposure has proven effective in fighting bacteria and viruses. Ultraviolet light has the ability to destroy many types of microorganisms. In cases of viruses of bacteria it removes their lipid layers and destroys the bonds of their DNA so UV lamps are often used for disinfecting rooms and machines.

      The lamp is powered by two AAA batteries. It is designed for disinfecting small surfaces in a short time.

      Simply remove dirt from the surface you wish to disinfect and swipe the lamp above it - effective 99,9% disinfection is possible even after just 30 seconds of illumination.


      Safety rules:

      • Do not look directly at the UV light source
      • Do not place living organisms such as plants or animals inside the lamp
      • Do not place metal objects, such as coins, in the wireless charging area
      • Do not use the lamp if any part of it is damaged

      The shop is not responsible for any damage or health issues caused by improper use of the lamp. User is responsible for using and storing the lamp in a safe and responsible manner.


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      Delta UV-C 3W handheld sterilizer

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