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    Nikon D300 LCD Cover
    Nikon D300 LCD Cover

    Nikon D300 LCD Cover

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    Makes it easy to take and view photos in sunny weather.

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    Nikon D300 LCD Cover

    Shields are designed for specific camera models so they are perfectly matched and what is also important are very aesthetic. In addition to the sunshade, they are also a perfect protection of LCD against damage. They fulfill the protective function much better than all kinds of films available on the market. The cover consists of 2 parts:

    The base part, which protects the LCD from accidental damage or dirt and is the base for attaching the actual cover. (It can be used alone without the cover). The base can be repeatedly mounted and removed without fear of durability or damage to the camera. It is made of contrast-enhancing, scratch-resistant, and highly permeable plastic.
    An appropriate sunshield is attached to the base with special hooks. Thanks to its unique design, the cover is foldable and takes up less space when not in use and provides additional protection for the LCD. The sunshield definitely improves the visibility of the LCD during sunny days and makes taking and reviewing pictures easier.

    Kit includes:

    LCD cover
    original package
    Consumer Warranty:

    2 years


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    Nikon D300 LCD Cover

    65,00 zł
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