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    MagMod MagBox Pro 36 Strip Softbox
    MagMod MagBox Pro 36 Strip Softbox

    MagMod MagBox Pro 36 Strip Softbox

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    A handy light modifier for both on-camera and studio lights. Thanks to its clever magnetic design, it offers many unique possibilities not found in accessories from other manufacturers. The narrow shape of the softbox is perfect for use as a rim light on a photo or video set.

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    MagBox Pro 36 is a light modifier that is a part of the extensive MagMod magnetic accessory system. Its modular design makes it truly versatile and allows it to be attached to a wide variety of light sources, including on-camera and studio flashes or LED lights. Thanks to its quick-fold, umbrella-like design and unique, built-in, zipper-mounted diffuser, getting the softbox ready for shooting is a matter of seconds.

    The softbox is made of durable Rip-Stop fabric, that prevents it from tearing and other mechanical damage. What sets it apart from other brands'modifiers is its color filter slot, which will allow you to achieve unique effects on any photoshoot. For maximum light control, a unique magnet-mounted grid is also available separately.

    A MagMod Speedring or MagRing is required to mount the softbox.

    Photographer doing a graduation photoshoot in the city using MagMod MagBox Strip Softboxes

    Ready to shoot in no time

    Put your time on set to good use - the MagBox softbox can be easily and conveniently unfolded in literally seconds. Its unique diffuser is permanently attached to the top edge - all you need to do is remove it from the pocket and secure it with a zipper. A dedicated, magnetic grid (available separately) connects to the whole kit effortlessly, while you can enjoy maximum working comfort.

    Truly versatile

    The MagMod system is designed to accommodate a wide range of light sources. The modular design of MagBoxes allows them to be used not only with on-camera speedlites, but also studio flashes and LED lights with Bowens, Elinchrom or Profoto mounts.

    Colorful creativity

    Before the MagMod system came to be, it was almost impossible to get colored light in a softbox. However, MagBox has made it incredibly easy - the design of the modifier includes a color gel filter slot. Their replacement is exceptionally easy, thanks to an additional zipper that gives access to the interior, without the need to remove the diffuser. 

    All MagMod MagBox softboxes including octa and strip and their grids

    Key features

    • Ultra-fast setup and folding
    • Zip-mounted integrated diffuser
    • Made of strong Rip-Stop fabric
    • Versatile – works with LED lights and studio/on-camera flashes
    • Color gel filter slot

    What's included?

    • MagMod MagBox Pro 36 Strip Softbox
    • Original packaging

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    MagMod MagBox Pro 36 Strip Softbox for on-camera and studio flash

    MagMod MagBox Pro 36 Strip Softbox

    995,00 zł
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