Fomex softbox 60x60cm Light
      Fomex softbox 60x60cm Light
      Fomex softbox 60x60cm Light

      Fomex softbox 60x60cm Light

      349,00 zł
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      High-quality Fomex Softbox SB60x60(L) has been designed especially for professional photographers looking for the best possible solutions. This series of softboxes has been made of top-notch, quality materials and works great with Fomex E flashes. Each softbox comes with an internal diffuser as an addition to the main front dispersive plane. This gives more even light distribution. The front part houses a flange which facilitates the attachment (Velcro-backed) of additional accessories, such as honeycomb grid. 

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      The Fomex (L) series softboxes feature a more delicate construction, which makes them lighter than standard Fomex softboxes. Fomex Softbox SB60x60(L) features a folded construction with a framework made of bars that tighten the material. With a special zipper, they may be very comfortably and quickly folded and unfolded for transportation purposes. Fomex Softboxes may be attached to almost all lamps of various brands through a proper attachment ring. The attached ring with Bowens-type mount allows the use of softbox with Fomex and Quantuum flashes as well as with flashes produced by other manufacturers.

      Main features:

      • double diffuser
      • softbox size 60x60 cm
      • easy folding and unfolding process with a zipper

      In the box:

      • Fomex softbox 60x60cm Light
      • carrying pouch
      • original packaging
      • mounting ring not included

      Scheda tecnica

      Dimensions in cm
      Fomex softbox

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      Fomex softbox 60x60cm Light

      349,00 zł
      IVA inclusa