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    Tripod Sirui S-1205-N
    Tripod Sirui S-1205-N
    Tripod Sirui S-1205-N
    Tripod Sirui S-1205-N
    Tripod Sirui S-1205-N
    Tripod Sirui S-1205-N

    Tripod Sirui S-1205-N

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    Sirui S-1205-N is a tripod made of eight-layer carbon fiber. This technology is characterized by low weight and excellent vibration damping. In addition, thanks to the innovative design, it can be taken much easier and safer. Just fold the tripod into a backpack or a larger pocket in your bag. From now on, you do not have to worry about him - he will not break out, he will not get lost and he will not touch anything. Its low weight will make you forget that you have it with you until you need it.

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    To spread it, simply move the legs to the working position. Metal latches lock them in place. Unfolding the legs of Sirui tripods is also a pleasure. One movement of the wrist will unlock selected sections and even the entire leg. This solution is definitely faster than traditional compression connectors.

    A tripod is not always needed. It happens that a monopod would be enough. However, the purchase of a carbon monopod will cost around PLN 300. However, with a Sirui S-N series tripod, all you need to do is unscrew one of the legs, the one that has a cold-insulating and grip-improving cladding. Then unscrew the head stand. After twisting these two elements we get an extremely light and rigid, fully functional monopod. An additional head stand can be purchased separately.

    It is equipped with a short central column. After replacing it with a full-size column, you can photograph with the so-called frog's perspective when placing the tripod at the widest possible angle. The legs are finished with rubber tips. Sirui brand tripods are the highest shelf. Increasingly, these products come out victorious with comparative tests in which they compete with the most famous and expensive brands. The S-N series is an example of innovation unheard of in the offers of other manufacturers.

    The set contains:

    • tripod SIRUI S-1205-N
    • case
    • shoulder strap
    • short column
    • original packaging

    Consumer guarantee:

    • 2 years

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    carbon fibre
    Sirui S-1205-N

    Tripod Sirui S-1205-N

    1.265,00 zł
    Tax Included