Genesis Stroboss 58 N speedlite + dedicated radio receiver + extra battery

Genesis Stroboss advanced flash light compatible with Nikon system iTTL. It is first reporter lamp on the market powered by Li-Ion battery. It allows 650 full power flashes on single charge.

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Genesis Stroboss 58 flash is perfectly compatible with Nikon cameras fitted with the iTTL system. Enjoy efficient and comfortable shooting with a camera, either in manual, semi-automatic or automatic mode; you will appreciate this flexibility whether you are professional or amateur photographer. With this flash you will be able to benefit from all camera functions, including: first and rear curtain flash sync, synchronization with short exposure times (even up to 1/8000s), flash exposure compensation, flash bracketing and exposure lock.

Genesis Stroboss 58 can be used as a triggering (Master) or triggered (Slave) flash in the system of wireless flash control. This is why you can combine it with other flashes working in this system. Moreover, you can control and synchronize the flash (up to camera sync speed, max. 1/250s) through the Genesis Navigator radio controller. The flash can be also triggered with the use of a photocell. Since the flash comes with a standard ISO hot-shoe, you can also use radio triggers produced by other manufacturers.

The flash is powered through a specially designed Li-Ion 2000 mAh battery. This unique solution will let you forget about onerous AA replaceable and standard batteries that are used to power other reporter flashes. With Genesis Stroboss 58n you will be able to trigger 650 full-power flashes per one battery charge.

The flash head may be very flexibly adjusted to easily bounce the light from screens, reflectors and walls. Wide range of the flash head zoom covers the field of vision typical of lenses with 24-105 mm focal lengths (ca. 84-23°, for the 35mm format). With the integrated wide-angle adapter the flash generates the light corresponding to the focal length of 14mm (angle of 115°). The head also comes with an additional, extendible white screen reflecting the light.

You can use the charger sold with the flash to check the battery power and enjoy short charging time. Discharged battery will be fully charged within 3 hours. Aside from the standard charger included in the kit, you can also buy a separate charger which may be connected to the car lighter socket. So if you happen to use your flash in the open fields, you will be able to charge your flashs battery in a car.

As a special offer a dedicated Stroboss Navigator X radio receiver and an extra battery are included in the kit. The receiver works with the Quadralite Navigator X system, can be used to trigger the flash in manual mode and works with high speed sync.

Main features:

  • compatible with Canon or Nikon cameras with iTTL flash-metering systems (AutoFP, flash exposure compensation, flash bracketing, exposure lock, first and rear curtain flash sync, controlled from the cameras menu level)
  • perfectly compatible with the wireless flash control system Nikon CLS (Master, Slave)
  • radio flash control and triggering through the Genesis Navigator system (up to 4 channels, 16 groups)
  • optional triggering through the integrated photocell
  • power supplied through the Li-Ion 2000 mAh battery, which supplies sufficient power to trigger 650 full-power flashes and ensures short charging times
  • large flash output (GN 58) and stable colour temperature (5600K ± 200K)
  • fully controlled flash output in the manual mode (adjustment from 1/128 power to 1/1 full power in 1/3 EV stop increments)
  • movable flash head (0° to 360° horizontally; -7° to 90° vertically)
  • wide range of the flash head zoom (24-105 mm) and an integrated light dispersing panel (up to 14 mm)
  • possibility to update the firmware through an USB connector

In the box:

  • Genesis Stroboss 58 N
  • 2x battery
  • charger
  • charger cable
  • Stroboss Navigator X receiver
  • carrying bag
  • original packaging

Consumer warranty:

  • 2 years