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Cokin NUANCES ND32 gray filter size M (P series)

Cokin NUANCES size M are the highest quality gray nanocrystalline glass filters matching the Cokin P system (size M).

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Kraków ul.Bonarka 11 tel 12 357-66-05
Series Cokin P
Filter size size M
Filter density ND32
Type of filter gray
Model Cokin NUANCES ND32

Cokin NUANCES gray size M filters are created based on the use of nanocrystalline coating technology applied on both sides on tempered mineral glass Schott B 270®. This type of glass is known for its high resistance to mechanical damage. In addition, it has a low level of internal light reflection and a high level of transmission. High optical quality means that Cokin NUANCES filters show almost perfect neutrality both in the visible spectrum of light and in the infrared. Thanks to this, the filters can be combined with each other without restrictions and without fear of the creation of unwanted dyes in the recorded image, be it film or photographic. Cokin NUANCES filters are designed specifically to record photos with very long exposure times. In addition, they also help you work with the aperture when shooting with shallow depth of field. Cokin NUANCES filters are compatible with the Cokin CREATIVE system.

The Cokin NUANCES series includes both full and half filters with a soft transition.

The ND32 filter offers a light reduction of 5 degrees aperture, which allows, for example, to extend the exposure time from 1 / 1000s to 1 / 30s or to open the aperture from f / 45 to f / 8 (while maintaining other exposure parameters).

Basic features:

  • suitable for Cokin M system (size P)
  • nanocrystalline coatings

The kit sold includes:

  • Cokin NUANCES filter
  • original packaging

Seller warranty:

  • 2 years