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    Godox C5R LED Panel RGBWW Light
    Godox C5R LED Panel RGBWW Light
    Godox C5R LED Panel RGBWW Light
    Godox C5R LED Panel RGBWW Light
    Godox C5R LED Panel RGBWW Light

    Godox C5R LED Panel RGBWW Light

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    The C5R RGB Pocket LED Panel can add extra color and a pinch of creativity to your photos or videos. Integrated into the light is a 3000mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery that can run for two hours, and is charged using the included USB Type-C cable. A thread on the bottom of the panel allows it to attach it to an articulating arm or the included cold shoe mounting base. The back is magnetic for even more mounting flexibility.

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    Light is a key element in photo and film productions, while focusing on the main light, it is also worth remembering the ambient light in the background, creating mood in a scene. The new Knowled RGBWW C5R panel is a palm-sized device, ideal for adding dynamism or mood to a scene.


    Intelligent control

    In addition to control on the panel itself, the C5R can be controlled by the Godox Light app , making it easy to supervise multiple lights at once, making it convenient even for large productions, maximizing the efficiency of operation in modes such as RGBWW, HSI, CCT.


    Easy mounting

    With a magnetic strap on the back, the C5R can be attached to any metal surface. A 1/4 screw mounting hole and standard coldshoe base give even more mounting options.


    Unlimited ideas

    With 39 built-in FX effects, variable color temperature (from 2500K to 8500K) and multiple color modes, the C5R allows users to adapt to any situation.


    Smaller, lighter, brighter

    The C5R is smaller than a smartphone and weighs 169g, making it lightweight and portable. With 110 high-brightness LEDs, there is plenty of light. Take it everywhere with you, hide it wherever you want and show all your imagination.


    Easy control

    There are two independent control knobs on the C5R, for changing brightness and switching CCI, HSI and FX modes.


    High color accuracy

    The C5R renders accurate colors, with a CRI of 96+ and a TLCI of 97+. Plus, you can get even softer light with the folding diffuser.


    ChargingWith a built-in 3000mAh lithium battery, the C5R can run for 2 hours on full power. In addition to charging via USB-C port, wireless charging is also available. This gives more flexibility for large productions where time and convenience are important.


    In package:

    • 1x C5R Panel,
    • 1x diffuser,
    • 1x USB-C cable,
    • 1x cold shoe,
    • 1x carry bag,
    • original packaging.

    Godox C5R LED Panel RGBWW Light

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