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    MagMod Pro Correction Gels
    MagMod Pro Correction Gels
    MagMod Pro Correction Gels

    MagMod Pro Correction Gels

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    A set of six correction filters that allow you to adjust the light from your hot shoe flash in any situation. With a magnetic attachment, they instantly connect to the light and are extremely easy to use.

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    Adjusting the color temperature of your flash has never been easier! The latest MagMod Pro filter series has been designed from the ground up to make your work faster and simpler than ever - this time, they include strong magnets that make them seamlessly connect with the rest of the MagMod system without the need for any additional holders. Use them to precisely warm up or cool down the light from any on-camera flash. 

    MagMod Pro Gels require a MagGrip mount.

    MagMod warming correction filter during a city photo shoot

    Instant attachment

    Forget the velcros and duct tape - MagMod filters are the fastest and easiest way to adjust your flash. Use them to experiment with the light to your heart's content, adjusting its color temperature or intensity. Thanks to built-in magnets, you can freely combine them with each other and other modifiers from this system for truly unique effects.

    The definition of practicality

    MagMod correction filters are calibrated based on industry color standards to ensure professional results every time. The material used to make the filters is not only extremely lightweight, but also incredibly durable. Use them for portrait, product or even in studio photography - the possibilities of the MagMod system are almost endless.

    Modular accessory system

    The entire line of MagMod modifiers is designed for the best possible workflow. Their magnetic, modular design guarantees express replacement during a session, saving time spent in the studio or outdoors at the same time. These versatile accessories will guarantee precise control over the light of any speedlite, regardless of its size or head shape.

    Photographer combining a MagMod flash modifier with Pro correction gel during photo shoot

    Key features

    • Easy flash color temperature adjustment
    • Connects instantly to the MagGrip
    • Strong, magnetic attachment
    • Made of durable polycarbonate

    What's included?

    • MagMod 1/4 CTO gel
    • MagMod 1/2 CTO gel
    • MagMod Full CTO gel
    • MagMod 1/2 Plusgreen gel
    • MagMod 1/2 CTB gel
    • MagMod ND8x (3-stops) gel
    • Original packaging

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    MagMod Pro Correction Gels

    265,00 zł
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