Quadralite Leadpower LP-750 jumper cables

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      Quadralite Leadpower LP-750 battery cable for connecting it to the car battery.

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      Quadralite Leadpower LP-750 kable

      he cables enable the connection of the Quadralite Leadpower LP-750 inverter to the car battery. The length of each wire is 200 cm. The cables are made of the highest quality flexible material. Before connecting the inverter to the car battery, remove the internal battery. Quadralite Leadpower LP-750 is a high-performance portable inverter with a replaceable Ni-MH battery with a capacity of 9Ah. It is an ideal solution for outdoor photo sessions as a primary or additional power source. The device with a fully charged battery will allow you to take about 400 photos using a 500Ws flash. LP-750 is widely used, it is compatible with all kinds of electrical devices, the power of which does not exceed 750W, i.e. flash lamps, continuous light lamps (e.g. Bowens, Broncolor, Elfo, Elinchrom, Profoto, Quantuum etc.), cameras, televisions , computers, printers, tools and much more.