Hoya Digital filter kit II 67mm
      Hoya Digital filter kit II 67mm
      Hoya Digital filter kit II 67mm
      Hoya Digital filter kit II 67mm

      Hoya Digital filter kit II 67mm

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      Hoya digital filter kit includes of HMC UV filter, circular polariser filter and ND8 neutral density filter closed in convenient filter pouch. Digital kit is perfect solution to start with filtration for digital camera. UV HMC filter is multi coated, slim frame. This makes it useful for wide angle lenses to avoid any vigneting. UV filter is color neutral which makes it perfect for general use and allow to leave the filter on the lens all the time. UV filters besides of absorbing UV rays, protect lens from dust, moist and rain drops.

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      Hoya HMC filters are multi-coated for reducing ghosting and reflections. The HMC series has 97% of light transmission.

      • absorbs UV light
      • general protection
      • HMC multi coating

      Circular polarizing filters eliminate unwanted reflections from non metallic surfaces as glass or water. It helps to pump up the contrast and saturation. Both filter surfaces have multi coatings, it provides better light transmission.

      • helps to reduce reflections from non-metallic surfaces
      • clears up the haze in distant landscapes
      • strongest effect at 90° from the sun

      Neutral density filter reduce the amount of the light reaching sensor. It has no effect on color balance. ND8 filter offers a filter factor os 0,9 it is equivalent to 3 stops of light.

      • enable slow shutter speed in bright light conditions
      • decrease DOF by allowing wider apertures
      • allow cine and video cameras to film bright scenes which could cause overexpose
      • 8x = ND 0.9 (exposure adjustment = 3 stops, reduces ISO 1/8)
      Set includes:
      • HMC UV filter
      • circular polarizing filter
      • neutral density ND8 filter
      • filter soft pouch

      Consumer warranty:

      • 24 months

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      Hoya Digital filter kit II 67mm

      186,00 zł
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