Kenko DG adapter rings for Nikon
      Kenko DG adapter rings for Nikon

      Kenko DG adapter rings for Nikon

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      Kenko intermediate rings with the transfer of automation that are designed to allow the lens to focus at a distance closer than its minimum focusing distance. 

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      Thanks to the rings you can place the camera closer to the subject and get the effect of zoom. They are extremely useful in macro photography, changing almost every lens into a macro lens at a price much lower than the price of such a lens. The rings do not have lenses, so they do not deteriorate the optics of the lens used. The rings are attached between the camera and the lens. By moving the lens away from the matrix, we force it to focus at closer distances. The more ring we use, the closer the lens will focus. The rings have contacts and carry full information between the lens and camera.


      It is recommended to use rings with lenses with a sufficiently long focal length - if you use too many rings for a given focal length, the focusing distance may be completely inside the lens and it will be impossible to get focus. Using the rings also shortens the maximum focusing distance of the lens - regardless of the number of rings used and focal length it will not be possible to focus indefinitely. Rings can limit the amount of light falling on the matrix by up to 3EV.

      Set contains:

      • Kenko DG intermediate rings 12mm + 20mm + 36mm
      • caps
      • original packaging

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      • 2 years

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      Kenko DG adapter rings for Nikon

      565,00 zł
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