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    Pop-up diffuser 1 color

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    This is particularly useful for portrait photographers, since harsh light and hard shadows are usually not considered flattering in a portrait.

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    A flash diffuser spreads the light from the flash of a camera. In effect, the light will not come from one concentrated source (like a spotlight), but rather will spread out, bounce from reflective ceilings and walls, thus getting rid of harsh light, and hard shadows.

    Very easy to attach: Just fix it onto the flash hot shoe slot of the camera. When attach a diffuser to the flash unit, the diffuser will diffuse the light from flash unit and strew on the object with even density. Diffusing light from pop-up/built-in flash is more effective cause by the raised dots surface.

    The set contains:

    • The flash diffuser
    • original packaging

    Seller warranty:

    • 2 years

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