MagMod Standard Gel Set
      MagMod Standard Gel Set
      MagMod Standard Gel Set

      MagMod Standard Gel Set

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      Balancing your flash's color temperature has never been easier thanks to our rigid, polycarbonate gels. Pop one or multiple gels into the integrated slots in MagMod modifiers, and you're all set.

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      Easy and practical

      With the MagGel, you can add and correct color on the fly-even under challenging shooting conditions. Pop up to 3 rigid gels, which are based on standard Rosco colors, into the MagGel. They're secure and ready-to-go in 2 seconds tops. Thanks to MagMod, the ability to stack gels is a new concept in photography. Ever needed to diffuse light, reduce power and add color to the same shot? Now you can do it all at once.

      Insert some color or correct your lighting with the Standard Gel Set, designed for use with the MagMod flash modifier system. They easily slide into the MagMod gel slot for quick attachment and removal.

      Set contains:

      • 1/4 CTO,
      • 1/2 CTO,
      • Full CTO,
      • 1/2 Straw (great for skin tones!),
      • 1/2 Plusgreen,
      • 1/2 Blue,
      • 3-stop Neutral Density,
      • Opal Frost Diffusion
      • original packaging

      Consumer warranty:

      • 2 years



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      MagMod Standard Gel Set

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