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    Tuba LED osvětlení Quadralite QLT 28
    Tuba LED osvětlení Quadralite QLT 28
    Tuba LED osvětlení Quadralite QLT 28
    Tuba LED osvětlení Quadralite QLT 28
    Tuba LED osvětlení Quadralite QLT 28
    Tuba LED osvětlení Quadralite QLT 28
    Tuba LED osvětlení Quadralite QLT 28
    Tuba LED osvětlení Quadralite QLT 28
    Tuba LED osvětlení Quadralite QLT 28
    Tuba LED osvětlení Quadralite QLT 28

    Tuba LED osvětlení Quadralite QLT 28

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    Quadralite QLT 28 je jedinečná RGB LED lampa ve tvaru trubice, plně kompatibilní s rozsáhlým systémem dálkového ovládání Quadralite pro lampy a panely. Délka 28 cm.

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    Quadralite LED RGB QLT is a new series of LED lamps of continuous light, commonly called light tubes. This lighting system is fully compatible with the entire Remote Control System of Quadralite lamps and panels. Thanks to the use of such solutions, QLT can serve as main lights on photographic and film sets, as well as as additional, creative lighting of scenes. Adjustment of each lamp while working on the set is possible from the phone or after connecting to the devices via the Digital Multiplex Signal (DMX) system.

    All three models have high brightness - up to 742lx and builtin batteries that will allow you to work for a long time on the photographic and film set. Creative work is ensured by the ability to adjust the color in the range between 2800K and 8000K and a full range of RGB colors in HSI mode. Work in a professional film environment is provided by DMX (in and out mini XLR sockets on models 65 and 125). The power of the lamps is controlled in the range from 0 to 100%.

    Different lamp lengths, professional finishing of the housing and the ability to create whole sets of strong lighting will allow you to use RGB QLT tubes in both amateur and professional productions. Work in the studio as well as outdoors is possible thanks to the built-in battery and the ability to quickly and easily charge them from the network. Their versatile application makes them an irreplaceable element for every photographer and filmmaker.

    Full RGB

    LED Tube Light RGB QLT allows you to work in the full spectrum of RGB shades. This allows you to achieve interesting color effects without the need for gel filters. This limits the amount of equipment used, and also speeds up work on the set. In addition to CCT and HSL modes, the lamps have a GEL mode, which allows you to choose many popular colors of gel filters (blue, orange, cyan, green, yellow, red, magenta, pink, lavender).

    Special Effects (EFX Mode)

    QLT light tubes have the ability to work creatively on film sets thanks to programmed special effects. 10 modes can be freely changed thanks to the speed and light intensity adjustment.


    The Possibility of connecting in the Digital Multiplex Signal (DMX) system is possible thanks to the mini XLR socket.  This feature allows for many creative applications of the lamp, including remote change to match the music.

    Control of other lamps

    Quadralite LED Tube Light RGB QLT can also work in combination with other lamps (up to 99), both in Slave and Master mode, in 99 different groups. The lamp can be controlled from the built-in panel or the dedicated Quadralite application. Thanks to full compatibility with the system of other lamp models, QLT can be used as a main and additional, effective light source.

    Quadralite App

    The Quadralite mobile application is designed for remote control of lighting panels. This significantly increases the convenience and speed of use, making it easier to adjust the lighting in real time. In the application we have the ability to control the color temperature, HSI, as well as a choice of 48 practical color filters and many effect modes, with more personal settings than from the panel on the lamp. The application allows you to simultaneously control multiple Quadralite continuous light lamps in one moment.

    Tripod mount

    The lamps have a 1/4" tripod mount in the lower part that allows them to be mounted on a lighting or photo tripod, thanks to which work on the set will become even easier.

    Magnetic holders

    QLT 28 also has two magnets that can be connected to the lamp in specially created spaces. Light tubes have been designed for creative work in photography, and in film They allow you to achieve a variety of effects using only one device. This limits the amount of equipment needed, and also allows you to implement original ideas. They have many modes useful for making video materials. The possibility of combining them with other lamps can result in exceptional results.


    Thanks to the characteristic shape and low weight, the use of lightsabers is very convenient and is not limited to working in the studio. Thanks to the built-in battery, lamps of this type are ready to work regardless of the power source we have. Their transport and work in the open air is therefore surprisingly easy and pleasant. Lighting of this kind is also very popular used by vloggers, also due to the ease of control.

    Key features of the product:

    • color temperature 2800K-8000K,
    • high brightness up to 742 lx for RGB QLT 125 at the entire height of the lamp,
    • CRI: 95+,
    • TLCI: 97+,
    • control by: LCD panel, mobile app, DMX,
    • smooth power regulation in the range from 0-100%.

    The set includes:

    • Quadralite LED Tube Light RGB QLT,
    • manual,
    • USB-C cable,
    • two magnets
    • transport bag

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    Tuba LED osvětlení Quadralite QLT 28

    315,00 zł
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