Charger Delta Canon NB-2L
      Charger Delta Canon NB-2L

      Charger Delta Canon NB-2L

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      The Delta U series charger allows for quick and safe charging of batteries both from a 230V and 110V (US standard) power socket. The set includes a special cable that allows you to connect the charger to a 12V socket, e.g. in a car. Thanks to such solutions, it is the most universal charger on the market.
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      The charger has a built-in microprocessor that controls the battery charging process. An important feature of Delta chargers is the USB output. Thanks to this, you can use it to charge all portable devices that can be powered from a USB, mini USB or micro USB socket - such as mobile phones, PDAs, smartphones, MP3 players and many more.

      It is compatible with:

      Canon DC300
      Canon DC301
      Canon DC310
      Canon DC320
      Canon DC330
      Canon DC410
      Canon DC420
      Canon Digital Rebel XT
      Canon Digital Rebel XTi
      Canon Elura 40MC
      Canon Elura 50
      Canon Elura 60
      Canon Elura 65
      Canon Elura 70
      Canon Elura 80
      Canon Elura 85
      Canon Elura 90
      Canon EOS 350D DIGITAL
      Canon EOS 400D DIGITAL
      Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT
      Canon EOS Digital Rebel Xti
      Canon EOS Kiss Digital N
      Canon EOS Kiss Digital X
      Canon FFVM20
      Canon FV500
      Canon FVM20
      Canon FVM30
      Canon FVM100
      Canon FVM100KIT
      Canon FVM200
      Canon HF R10
      Canon HF R11
      Canon HF R16
      Canon HF R18
      Canon HF R100
      Canon HF R106
      Canon HG10
      Canon HG13
      Canon HV20
      Canon HV30
      Canon HV40
      Canon IXY DV3

      Canon IXY DV5
      Canon IXY DVM3
      Canon MD100
      Canon MD101
      Canon MD110
      Canon MD111
      Canon MD120
      Canon MD130
      Canon MD140
      Canon MD150
      Canon MD160
      Canon MD205
      Canon MD215
      Canon MD216
      Canon MD225
      Canon MD235
      Canon MD245
      Canon MD255
      Canon MD265
      Canon MV5
      Canon MV5i
      Canon MV5i MC
      Canon MV6i MC
      Canon MV790
      Canon MV800
      Canon MV800i
      Canon MV830
      Canon MV830i
      Canon MV850i
      Canon MV880X
      Canon MV880Xi
      Canon MV890
      Canon MV900
      Canon MV901
      Canon MV920
      Canon MV930
      Canon MV940
      Canon MV950
      Canon MV960
      Canon MVX20i
      Canon MVX25i
      Canon MVX30i

      Canon MVX35i
      Canon MVX40
      Canon MVX40i
      Canon MVX45i
      Canon MVX200
      Canon MVX200i
      Canon MVX250i
      Canon MVX300
      Canon MVX330i
      Canon MVX350i
      Canon Optura 30
      Canon Optura 40
      Canon Optura 50
      Canon Optura 60
      Canon Optura 400
      Canon Optura 500
      Canon PC1018
      Canon PowerShot G7
      Canon PowerShot G9
      Canon PowerShot S30
      Canon PowerShot S40
      Canon PowerShot S45
      Canon PowerShot S50
      Canon PowerShot S60
      Canon PowerShot S70
      Canon PowerShot S70a
      Canon PowerShot S80
      Canon ZR100
      Canon ZR200
      Canon ZR300
      Canon ZR400
      Canon ZR500
      Canon ZR600
      Canon ZR700
      Canon ZR830
      Canon ZR850
      Canon ZR900
      Canon ZR930
      Canon ZR950
      Canon ZR960

      The most important features:

      • 12v plug for charging from the car
      • USB output
      • possibility of connecting to both European and American sockets thanks to a special adapter

      Set contains:

      • charger base
      • socket adapter
      • car power cable (12v)
      • original packaging

      Consumer guarantee:

      • 2 years

      Datový list

      Power supply
      12/240 V

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      Charger Delta Canon NB-2L

      15,00 zł
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