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    Godox TL180 Tube Lumineux RGB
    Godox TL180 Tube Lumineux RGB
    Godox TL180 Tube Lumineux RGB
    Godox TL180 Tube Lumineux RGB
    Godox TL180 Tube Lumineux RGB
    Godox TL180 Tube Lumineux RGB

    Godox TL180 Tube Lumineux RGB

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    Unleash your inner creativity and light up the scene with the Godox TL180 RGB tube. The tubes offer advanced color control and multiple wireless control options. The TL180 has a built-in rechargeable lithium battery variable color temperature from 2700-6500K or the ability to illuminate the full RGB color palette, making it ideal for both photography and filming applications. The 180-cm length makes it easy to illuminate larger areas, while also offering the ability to be grouped together for a variety of unique mounting options.

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    Godox TL180

    Low-profile, self-contained and portable, TL180 is a 180cm RGBWW tube light designed to benefit filmmakers, content creators, videographers and photographers. As the latest member of Godox tube light TL series, it’s more powerful and with a larger light-emitting area, giving more liberty to your creation.


    Extended Potential

    The 180 cm length endows TL180 with unique advantages over its predecessors. Opposed to other shorter ones, it brings impressively stronger visual impact in filmmaking or photography, especially suitable for big scenes when forming creative shapes or making stunning light effects. It can also do better when used as a flexible key light or fill light of relatively tall subjects, since the extended emitting area can cover the whole length without hard edges on both ends.


    Feast of Colors

    Work with TL180 and become a visual artist! Featuring adjustable hue, saturation, intensity and 40 preset color gels, the light can provide any desired colors to fulfill your wildest creation ideas. Playing with different combinations, you’ll see the colors collide, blend, add mood and depth to your scenes, and spark endless inspirations.


    Play with Shapes

    With various accessories, including steel cable, clip and multi-light bracket, the light can be mounted almost everywhere and in any direction. To stack lights together for a larger source, make innovative geometric patterns, or divide space with irregular-placed lines, you have limitless ways to explore and have fun with.


    Magic never ends

    With TL180, creation will never cease. Used as a brush in light painting, it can make streaks, wings, halo and so many other stunning light effects.


    Variable Color Temperature

    Color temperature ranging from 2700K to 6500K enables a quick blend into existing lights and can fine-tune the skin tone, providing more options for creative applications.


    Multiple Special Light Effects

    TTL180 features 14 kinds of preset light effects and each involves 2-3 modes, allowing 39 special effects in total. In music mode, the light will change color with the variation of sounds, creating a cool and exciting atmosphere.


    Easy Control, Easy Production

    Except for intuitive on-board operation, TL180 can also be controlled in a group or individually by Godox Light App, RC-R9 remote, or DMX controller, making every production easy and efficient.


    Power Anywhere

    Powered by AC adapter or built-in lithium battery, the light embraces creation freedom both indoors and on location. It can work up to 160 minutes with 100% brightness on a full charge, which guarantees reliable production without disruption.


    In package:

    • x1 Tuba TL180,
    • x1 adapter,
    • x1 power cable,
    • x3 clamp,
    • x2 steel rope,
    • x1 RJ45 cable,
    • x1 adapter mount,
    • x1 original packaging.

    Godox TL180 Tube Lumineux RGB

    2 155,00 zł
    Tax Included